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RKSTBL presents: Eindhoven | Share The Vibe

RKSTBL presents: Eindhoven | Share The Vibe

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Share the Vibe - RKSTBL

Skulls, skateboards and La Folie. Fans will immediately recognize rkstbl's hand in this already iconic Share the Vibe. RKSTBL is Rik Stabel. Illustrator, graphic designer and maker of various high-profile posters of the city of Eindhoven. It all started through his own Instagram; the illustrations have now been included in the collection of clothing and design store Hutspot. Together we made a creation to let the image speak!


All those posters now come to life in this video. The opening footage is a nod to the Simpsons intro, in which you enter Springfield from the air.


“What I wanted to show are the hidden treasures of the city. Places like the Hoogste Tijd, La Folie and the Ketelhuis are cafes where I often meet friends. People from skate culture, creatives with an entrepreneurial spirit.”


“When I stand there drinking a beer on a Friday afternoon, I feel proud of this city. The atmosphere here is so incredibly colorful. I really feel surrounded by great people who ensure that they get creative projects off the ground together. That relaxed and enterprising, that's the vibe of the city for me.” Says Rik Stabel.


Rik made this Share the Vibe together with Remy Berden, Lody Aeckerlin, Bram van de Riet and Pim Makes Music.


Music by Gramma.

  • ​Sound Design/SFX

  • Mixing/Mastering

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