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Red Band

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Red Band - Real Fruit Candy

Red Band introduces a new range of candy: Red Band Real Fruit Candy! That is 100% candy made with 50% real fruit. And to bring these sweets to the attention in a fun way, we came up with a sound that is bursting with fun!


"Red Band, als je voor pret bent" is a slogan that almost everyone knows. But what is fun anyway? For us, fun is in the smallest things! That is exactly what we show with a series of online videos in which a different fun situation is key each time. Whether it's rock, paper, scissors or passing a piece of candy unnoticed in the lecture hall; everything becomes more fun with Red Band!


In addition to the colorful online videos, we also provided some extra fun during the commercial break with this sound thanks to billboarding that breathes 100% Red Band and a print campaign.

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  • Music production

  • Sound Design/SFX

  • Mixing/Mastering

  • Recording vocals

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