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Commercial NFF 2022

Commercial NFF 2022

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Nederlands Film Festival - 2022

Every year, at the beginning of autumn, het Nederlands Film Festival (NFF) takes place. For a week and a half, Utrecht is the film capital of the Netherlands, where the latest feature films, documentaries, animations, short films, series, VR productions and numerous events are presented for young and old. What started as a modest festival in 1981 has grown in size, reach and impact into the defining festival of Dutch film and visual culture. That includes music, of course!



Het Nederlands Film Festival (NFF) celebrates the achievements, questions the facts and connects Dutch film and its makers with the public and society. In this way, the festival functions as an indicator and booster of the national film and visual culture.



NFF functions as a meeting place, connector and incubator. The guiding principle is the intrinsic and social value of Dutch film and its power to condense reality and raise recognition above all. In doing so, makers provide us with tools to understand each other and the world around us. NFF sees Dutch film as a reflection of society and the zeitgeist and as a cultural expression that influences, shapes and guides. The festival consciously operates in the field of tension between artistic and commercial, popular and elitist, familiar and adventurous, past and present, local and international.


NFF is thus the instrument to involve a large and varied audience in Dutch film and visual culture; from feature films, documentaries and animation films to innovative media productions and series. For the professional world, NFF is the all-encompassing platform for knowledge exchange and deepening. NFF kicks time on its tail by an unconventional and innovative approach in the composition of the program. As a driver of innovation, NFF exposes artistic developments in the art of the moving image and forges new connections with other art disciplines, domains and social themes. From a national perspective, NFF offers a view of Dutch film in the international audiovisual landscape. Interaction is central to NFF: between professionals and between professionals and the audience.


The policy focuses on four key objectives:


  • Promotion of Dutch film and visual culture to increase the visibility of Dutch films;

  • Platform from and for the sector for reflection, knowledge exchange and deepening;

  • Talent development as a continuous process, in which the craftsmanship and talent of every link in the creative process counts;

  • Education and participation in school context, during training and beyond.

  • Music production

  • Sound Design/SFX

  • Mixing/Mastering

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