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KNAUF - Rock4All

KNAUF - Rock4All

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Knauf - Rock4All

Rock4All from Knauf Insulation is a universal rockwool board that every craftsman can easily use, regardless of the type of job. Durable, user-friendly and fireproof. With Rock4All it will all work out and you 'rock every insulation job'. The rockwool track is announced in this campaign as great rock stars announce their latest hit. rock on!

Rock4All is the record with which you rock every insulation job and that is reflected in the video including a specially composed tune. The star among the insulation boards is presented by three rocking handymen who show from their DIY-van how easy Rock4All is to cut, how the rock wool is the least irritating and that the board is suitable for any insulation job.


Campaigns in the insulation industry are mainly characterized by technical specifications that quickly transfer to the content of products. With this Rock4All video, which was also supported by radio, we have created something completely innovative. And they are very proud of that at Knauf Insulation.

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