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These are very crazy times. If you're as old as Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus, you might think you've seen it all... but a World Cup in the winter months, in the controversial Qatar, of all things...that's even beyond their mitre and hat.


These men each have a different point of view, but eventually find each other. Should we succeed too? At least the music will bring us  together!!

Bavaria Render-min.png
Schermafbeelding 2022-11-17 om 16.24.55-min.png


Warme Kerst Musical

Music Production, Sound Design/SFX, Mixing/Mastering, Choir and Vocal Recording

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Red Band introduces a new range of candy: Red Band Real Fruit Candy! That is 100% candy made with 50% real fruit. And to bring these sweets to the attention in a fun way, we came up with a sound that is bursting with fun!

Schermafbeelding 2022-11-11 om 15.24.06-min.png

Red Band

Real Fruit Candy

Music Production, Sound Design/SFX, Mixing/Mastering, Vocal Recording

Paturain is the French brand of cheese specialties with the best ingredients. But it is also known as an advertising classic. "Paturain, da's pas fijn". After being absent for some time, it was time again for a commercial that does justice to the brand's heritage and that gives the cheese a modern twist. The only thing missing was a touch of sound!

Paturain logo render-min.png
Schermafbeelding 2022-11-24 om 16.31.08-min.png


Vive La Hollande

Music Production, Sound Design/SFX, Mixing/Mastering

Bio+ logo render-min.png

Of course you want to enjoy what you eat and drink. Without having to wonder whether it has been produced in an environmentally friendly way. That is why BIO+ offers you hundreds of delicious organic products. From vegetables and meat to dairy products and spreads. And from rice and pasta to coffee and tea. All organic and with the European organic quality mark. Sounds good right!

Schermafbeelding 2022-11-24 om 16.54.31-min.png


Meer Dan Een Boodschap

Music Production

NFF logo render-min.png

Every year, at the beginning of autumn, the Netherlands Film Festival (NFF) takes place. For a week and a half, Utrecht is the film capital of the Netherlands, where the latest feature films, documentaries, animations, short films, series, VR productions and numerous events are presented for every age.


What started as a modest festival in 1981 has grown in size, reach and impact into the defining festival of Dutch film and visual culture. That includes music, of course!

Schermafbeelding 2022-11-24 om 16.59.31-min.png

Nederlands Film Festival


Music Production, Sound Design/SFX, Mixing/Mastering

PIM-WT-min 2-min.png

Skulls, skateboards and La Folie. Fans will immediately recognize rkstbl's hand in this already iconic Share the Vibe. RKSTBL is Rik Stabel. Illustrator, graphic designer and maker of various high-profile posters of the city of Eindhoven. It all started through his own Instagram; the illustrations have now been included in the collection of clothing and design store Hutspot. Together we made a creation to let the image speak!


Share the Vibe


Sound Design/SFX, Mixing/Mastering




You want to know more or work with me? Don't hesitate!


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